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Hazel Bunyan owner of the Vivian Gallery

Hazel Bunyan

Peter Bunyan

Peter Bunyan

The Vivian Gallery website and real world business are owned by Peter and Hazel Bunyan. You can find our address, phone number and a map to find us here. Set up by Sarah Vivian in the late 1980s we purchased the Gallery from her in 1994. Initially keeping the business as Sarah left it, the business has evolved into our own, but keeping at least one thing the same. Sarah worked with the concept of “wearable art” she made and sold mainly clothing however we have now focussed mainly on handmade jewellery but still regard it as wearable art. For this reason, we have kept the business name the Vivian Gallery.

Hazel made jewellery before we came here, in fact, the Gallery was one of our customers and this is how we came to hear about it being for sale.  Back then Hazel made bead jewellery as well sterling silver so that it is perhaps no surprise to us that our daughter Madeline now makes glass beads, considering that is that she has grown up making things. You can see some of her work and buy online from madelinebunyan.com.